“Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull” Entertainment Weekly March 2008

Indiana Jones 4 star Harrison Ford covers the March 14th issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine.

“More than anything else, Raiders is about joy — the sheer joy of watching movies. And if you decided to pick up this magazine after seeing the man with battered fedora on the cover, chances are you’re probably a lot like the rest of us who sat numb and saucer-eyed watching it for the first time. You might have been 8, or 17. Probably you weren’t even born yet, but you’ve certainly seen it since maybe even dozens of times. And when the teaser for Crystal Skull unspooled in theaters and popped up on the web recently, you probably watched it and flet the hairs on the bac of your neck salute as John Williams’ soaring theme kicked in. You might have fet hope. Or concern that it could never live up to your expectations. But maybe, for a second, you also felt something else: like a kid again.”

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