Improv Everywhere Turns NYC Crosswalk Into A Dance Floor [WATCH]

The improv group Improv Everywhere have released a new video, and it may have pedestrians cheering (and cab drivers cursing).

The video was staged outside Penn Station in New York City at the crosswalk on 7th Avenue, one of the busiest spots of the city, as the station is traversed by thousands of commuters every day. The video shows the dancers “accidentally” bump into each other on the crosswalk, a daily occurrence for any city dweller, and then transition smoothly into a dance routine!

According to the Improv Everywhere website, the “mission” was staged several times, each segment completed before the “Don’t Walk” countdown sign reached zero, thus endangering the safety of none of the participants and angering no impatient NYC cab drivers (a true threat).

The best part of this video, in my opinion, is seeing the joyful looks of pedestrians on the sidewalks, who have truly enjoyed watching this impromptu performance. Commuting, especially into and out of Penn Station, can be a truly hectic and stressful experience. This performance imbued the commuters’ days with a little bit of whimsy and happiness, and the ensuing video reminds us all that it’s the simple things that often bring the most joy.

As a New Yorker, the description of the video rings true:

Walking in New York City is very much like a dance. Between the tourists and the texters you find yourself weaving in and out of people, quickly darting from side to side. Busy crosswalks come with the additional pressure of racing against the clock, which only heightens the dance-like environment.

Kudos to Improv Everywhere for seeing the beauty and the opportunity in random, mundane events, and for organizing a bit of fun for the participants, the pedestrians, and those of us watching at home to enjoy.

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