If You’ve Ever Tried Online Dating, You Recognize These Tales From Tinder Dates

Puppets act out online dating tragedies in Tales From Tinder.

Tales From Tinder is a new Youtube sensation — the creator describes it as ‘part documentary, part comedy, part “puppet reality-TV.” If you’ve ever tried online dating, you will no doubt recognize the folks portrayed in the first two stories.

Let me warn you, though, before you click: if you’re offended by puppet simulated sex, or can’t handle puppets vomiting, you’re not going to want to watch. This series is just going to be too honest for your taste. On a related note, I would warn you that if you don’t have a stomach for gross, crude, and creepy, you might also prefer to avoid online dating.

With that said, here’s the trailer for Tales From Tinder.

That’s right — puppets acting out your worst Tinder dates ever. So far, two episodes have been released. Keeping spoilers to a minimum, let’s just say that the guy whose last relationship ended but wasn’t really over shows up, as well as the guy who can’t control his booze intake, and the girl with the sort-of-not-quite side-dude.

Here’s episode 1: Anton. Anton has just gotten out of a long-term relationship, and he’s pretty sure hopping on Tinder is a good way to find love. It’s actually going pretty well, until his phone starts ringing.

Then there’s episode 2. This is gross-out material. If you have an aversion to fake vomit, you’ve got to skip this episode. Episode 2 is about Teddy.

Teddy enjoys a drink on a date — but he doesn’t make plans for how to get home afterward, and things get really awkward.

Episode 2 is also about a girl who doesn’t mind lying about her relationship status to get in order to get a favor from a ‘friend.’

You can find the Tales From Tinder Youtube channel here, if you’d like to keep an eye out for new episodes — and remind yourself why you cancelled your Tinder account.

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