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If You’ve Been Using Adult Friend Finder For Hook-Ups, Your Privacy May Be At Risk


If you’ve been using Adult Friend Finder, be aware: your information may have been stolen by a hacker who is demanding a payoff to leave the company alone. Unfortunately for subscribers, the hacker wasn’t bluffing, and the company admits that a data breach has spilled private information about numerous customers — information including sexuality, secret fetishes, and more.

The company was named by Ask Men as one of the top 10 hookup sites:

The filthiest on this list by far (and we say that in a good way), Adult Friend Finder has nasty pictures and even nastier profiles.

The folks featured in those ‘nasty’ pictures and profiles may have thought their information would only be seen by other subscribers, but according to USA Today, as many as 4 million of those subscribers’ data — pictures, information about the type of hookup they were seeking (same-sex, threesome, BDSM — a variety of choices that someone might want to keep private in daily life), descriptions of things they like, not to mention falsified information, like lies about age, could all become very public. The files also included birthdates, user names, passwords, zip codes, and email addresses.

According to ABC, the hacker, going by the name ROR[RG], broke into the system in March, and has been bragging that he’ll release the information unless he’s paid $100,000.

He and others on at least one online forum have discussed the possibility of using the photos and information to further victimize, harass, and blackmail Adult Friend Finder users.

The company says that, though the breach occurred in March, they’ve only just learned of it, and that they are working to find out how it happened and prevent recurrence. They also say they “pledge to take the appropriate steps needed to protect [their] customers if they are affected,” but it’s not clear how the site might protect a customer from blackmail, job loss, or other repercussions if the data is publicly leaked.

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