If You Bought Drake Tickets For This Spring’s Tour, You’ve Been Scammed


Drake tickets are on sale for a tour beginning in May — but buyer beware, Drake says they’re fake. He’s not going on tour, and a fake promoter who is selling tickets for as much as $350 is scamming fans. If you’ve bought tickets, you should contact law enforcement officials.

According to TMZ, the fake tour is being advertised as beginning in May and running through eight cities, including Miami and Houston.

Ticketmaster, however, doesn’t show any tour dates for Drake until August, and though his own site lists more dates, it still shows none before August.

Sure enough, Drake has announced that the tour is a fake, he’s not showing in any of those cities, and he and his team are working on finding out just who is scamming his fans.

According to the Better Business Bureau, fake concert tickets aren’t as unusual a scam as one might think — while fake tickets to big events like the Super Bowl may be the most common, smaller events and even fake concert tours, as in this case, are all too common.

The BBB offers some tips for avoiding such scams, but in this case, the most relevant tip may just be to avoid buying tickets from sources that you don’t know to be reputable. Since the fake Drake tickets are for dates not listed on the major ticket-selling sites or his own website, a quick check online might have given fans the clue that something was less than above-board.

According to Antiviral, several venues were scammed into selling the fake tickets, and at least one, the Arena Theater in Houston, is offering refunds to anyone who bought the tickets. They’re also working to rectify the error and restore the faith of customers by signing Drake for a legitimate concert date in the near future. When they do, they say those who purchased the fake Drake tickets will get first priority.

Steph Bazzle
Steph Bazzle is a homeschooling mom who likes to write about justice, equality, and religious issues.

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