If A Gilmore Girls Movie Happens, Here Are 10 Things I Need To See

It’s been eight years since my favorite show Gilmore Girls officially went off the air. In that time, I’ve watched this show more times than I can count, and when the series came to Netflix last year, thousands of new fans joined the fold. Since I was about 10 years old, I’ve been visiting Stars Hollow via the magic box in my living room, and with the reunion that happened in June 2015 at the ATX Festival, the fan dream of a movie has never felt closer.

Still—so many of us are torn over where our favorite characters are now. I even disagree with the actors themselves when they talk about where their characters ended up. For me, these ten things absolutely need to happen if a movie does get made. Otherwise, I’ll just stick with memorizing the reruns.

10. Melissa McCarthy reprising her best role ever.

Melissa McCarthy needs to return to her best role as kooky chef Sookie St. James. I’m thinking the opening credits could take place right over Sookie spraining something in the kitchen of the Dragonfly Inn, just like old times!



9. Logan’s redemption

Sure—Logan was upset when Rory turned down his marriage proposal, but I don’t think he went back to his hard-partyin’, playboy ways. Nah, I think Rory really showed him the value of steady relationships and hard work. I think we’ll see Logan return from his successful startup in California with a fiancée on his arm, and Rory will be happy for him.


The final, seventh season of Gilmore Girls was not written by the original (and genius) Amy Sherman-Palladino or her husband Dan, so the movie will need to bring back that fast-paced, witty dialogue none of us understood until the third time watching. And that includes the actual actors, who needed to research all the references and take speech therapy.



7. Lane and Zack’s kids being totally awesome “roadies”

Hep Alien needs to keep rocking even though Lane and Zack had twin boys in the final season. I’m thinking they probably brought their kids on the road with them and on world tours, and the eight-year-old boys are helping their parents set up amps and wireless mikes and such.

6. Richard cannot have died

RIP Ed Herrmann. In the movie, I would hate to watch Emily Gilmore completely broken-hearted and lost after the death of her husband. As crazy/sad as it sounds, can they make it so that Richard is just traveling for work? We’ll always have him in our Gilmore-obsessed hearts!

5. Paris literally ruling the world as a combo surgeon/judge

Paris will need to be married to Doyle, who will be the editor of some fancy-schmancy newspaper in New York. Paris, on the other hand, will be squeezing the will to live out of lawyers and their clients, and on the weekends, she’ll save lives at New York Presbyterian Hospital, where she’ll be head of surgery. Or something.



4. Kirk being…Kirk. And marrying Lulu.

How cute would it be if the movie included the weirdest wedding ever? Kirk and Lulu made all the fans of the show believe in love—unusual, inexplicable, irreplaceable love. Kirk is still Kirk, and he’s marrying the girl of his dreams!

3. Rory killing it as a journalist

We need to see Rory’s career, which was always the most important thing about her. She has to have a job as a journalist, hopefully as a budding foreign correspondent for The New York Times (her dream job!). And if I know Rory (which I feel like I do, sigh), then she’s totally killing it at work.

2. Luke and Lorelai’s wedding

Luke and Lorelai JUST HAVE TO HAVE GOTTEN THEIR LIFE TOGETHER ALREADY. The last episode saw them share a long-anticipated kiss, so the movie should show either a flashback to their wedding or their marital bliss, complete with bickering, much hiding of coffee, and Lorelai finally accompanying Luke on a fishing trip. He was the only one she ever loved, after all.



1. Rory and Jess falling back in love

I’m going to take Amy’s word for it that Rory and Jess were meant for each other, which of course, they totally are. The only thing that was holding Rory back from Jess was Logan, and luckily that took care of itself in the seventh season. The popular fan theory is that Rory and Jess met again at Luke and Lorelai’s wedding and got back together, after all this time. I wholeheartedly agree, with one caveat: that Rory should be the one to seek him out this time, because he spent so many years chasing her. In a perfect world, the movie would open with their engagement. But a girl can dream.

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