Idina Menzel Returns to ‘Glee,’ Duets with Lea Michele on ‘Somewhere’ [VIDEO]

In a move that’s sure to bring joy to Gleeks everywhere, Broadway star Idina Menzel returns to “Glee” this season to reprise her role as Rachel Berry’s birth-mom, Shelby Corcoran.

In the video below, Shelby gives her daughter an assist to help her snag the lead in “West Side Story” — and it doesn’t look like it’ll be her only face-time this year.

“As her mother, she’s going to help Rachel a lot this year,” Michele told The Hollywood Reporter. Rachel is a senior this year and pondering her future, so maybe Shelby will fill out a few college applications or something.

As long as she sings while she’s doing it, it doesn’t really matter. The woman’s voice is glorious.

Watch as she duets with Michele on the “West Side Story” standard, “Somewhere.”

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