“I Love You Phillip Morris” Release Halted

A California court has issued a preliminary injunction preventing the US release I Love You Phillip Morris — an independent comedy which stars Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor as unlikely lovers — due to a legal dispute between the film’s US distributor and the French studio that produced it.

The Glenn Ficarra/John Requa film — about a con man who gets into a car crash, discovers he’s gay and goes on a crime spree that eventually lands him behind bars — was produced by French movie studio EuropaCorp, which licensed domestic rights to Consolidated Pictures Group.

On Wednesday, a Los Angeles judge blocked the movie’s release after EuropaCorp filed an injuction claiming it never received the full $3 million advance that Consolidated agreed to pay last year.

According to EuropaCorp attorney Dale Kinsella: “No amount of spin from Consolidated can mask the fact that Europa persuaded a federal district judge that Consolidated breached the contract by never having paid a dime for this picture, and that they had therefore no right to claim to be a distributor or claim to distribute the film, period. Nothing in the judge’s order in any way affects Europa’s right to distribute the film from this point forward.”

I Love You Phillip Morris had been set to open in July.

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