Hulk Hogan Memoir–Hulk Hogan Tell-All Book (Excerpt)


Just in case you didn’t get enough of window into The Wonderful World of Hogan on their VH1 reality series, wrestling legend Terry Bollea, perhaps best known as Hulk Hogan, has inked a six-figure deal with St. Martin’s Press to pen an account of his life.

According to veteran celebrity snitch Cindy Adams, the 320 page memoir–with a 16-page color photo insert–will cover The Hulk’s humble beginnings as a boy growing up in Tampa, his two-decade marriage to Lina Bollea, and of course, his career as a 12-time World Heavyweight Champ and six-time World Wrestling Federation Champ.

Perhaps most notably, Hulk will discuss his son Nick’s near-fatal car crash that left a young Marine brain-dead. The Hogan’s conduct in the wake of the crash left the family open to public scorn.

Here’s an excerpt from page 52 of the memoir:

“I grasped the side of the car with my hands when I finally saw Nick my only son folded up like an accordion with his head down by the gas pedal. I could see he was alive . . . for a second I was relieved. Then the chaos set in. The noise of engines and sirens. A saw. Paramedics pulling his friend John from the seat. So much blood. I can’t describe how panicked I was. The police and firefighters surrounding us seemed panicked, too. The firefighters started cutting the side of the car open. I’m still standing there when I hear my boy screaming, ‘No, no, no, stop! Stop! You’re gonna cut my legs off. Dad! Just unbuckle the seat belt . . . !’ So I reach in and I push the button on his seat belt, and Nick crawls out.”
“But not John. John wasn’t moving.”

Hulk Hogan’s autobiography goes on sale Oct. 27.

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