Hulk Hogan: “Linda’s Clean Drug Test Means Nothing”


Hulk Hogan is not impressed with his estranged wife’s clean drug test.

Last week, Linda Hogan submitted to chemical testing after Hulk and the couple’s 21-year-old daughter, Brooke, accused her of using illegal drugs with he teenage boyfriend, Charley Hill.

The Hogans have been embroiled in a bitter, public war of the words for more than a year.

In a statement released Tuesday via his lawyer, David Houston, Hulk fumes:

“Linda Hogan’s drug test is absolutely meaningless without proper tracking and verification. If Linda Hogan wants the world and the courts to believe that this is a valid drug test, she must prove that it was a legally supervised medical test taken at random.”

The statement continues: “The document she distributed to the media states that she took a medical test which means that she took a urine test with no verification of urine’s source. Anyone can walk into a clinic and take a test, but without supervision we only have her word to go on and that is questionable. If Linda wanted us to believe she was clean, she should have taken advantage of the $100,000 offer by a national radio show for a random legally supervised drug test as opposed to the farce she has perpetrated upon the public.”

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