Hugh Hefner Disses Kate Gosselin

Sheesh — Kate Gosselin’s really taking a beating in the court of public opinion this week! First the reality Octomom’s paso doble was deemed a dud on Monday’s Dancing with the Stars, then her sleazy ex slapped her with a custody suit, and to top it all off now Kate’s being told that her lady lumps aren’t lusty enough for the pages of Playboy!


We almost feel like sending her a giant gift basket stuffed with chocolates and Sweet Tarts and lots of other fattening snacks that God created to take your mind off the fact that sometimes life really sucks. Unfortunately, tis our job to chronicle the misery of celebrities and duty calls.

Kate’s no “Bunny,” says Playboy founder and eternal Ladies Man Hugh Hefner. Hef says he’ll be resting six feet deep before the frumpy spitfire makes it onto the pages of his iconic men’s mag in her birthday suit.

A resounding “No! No!” was the response when E! Online asked Hugh if the mother of eight had been/would ever be considered for a Playboy spread. Hefner even questioned why Katie’s on Dancing with the Stars, saying simply, “I don’t think she’s a celebrity.”

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