Hugh Grant Sex Scandal Made Prostitute Divine Brown Millions


One man’s shame was this woman’s meal ticket….

Divine Brown, the former streetwalker who made headlines for her famous 1995 encounter with Hugh Grant has publicly thanked the actor for “changing” her life – because she was able to carve out a “wonderful” new existence after the almost career-ending scandal.

Hugh Grant’s celebrating his 50th birthday this week, so its only fitting that a UK tabloid decided to flick through the phonebook and see what his old friend Divine Brown has been up to since her infamous car session with the hunk Brit 15 years ago.

“The other night I was thinking: ‘I wonder if he thinks about that night.’ I know he loved it. He kept calling me Cherry Red because my lips were red, my shoes and clothes were red,” Brown yapped to The Daily Mail on Sunday. “Even my underwear was red. He kept complimenting me on my lips and my feet. I guess he has a foot fetish, too,” Divine laughs.

Recalling the infamous events on the night of June 27, 1995, she said she thought Grant was an undercover vice cop as he circled in his white BMW with a baseball cap pulled down over his face.

“I was running from him. I thought he was a cop. He kept circling the block and pulling up in front of me. There were lots of beautiful girls out there that night, but he just wanted me.”

Grant, then 34, was fined $1,180 dollar and placed on two years’ summary probation for the offense, which in turn shot Brown to fame.

Divine says that since being picked up by the English actor on Sunset Boulevard in 1995 – while he was in a relationship with Liz Hurley – she has made $1 million in publicity deals. Divine, now 41, earned more than $1.5 million from media interviews and guest-show appearances. In the days following Grant’s arrest, Divine appeared on nearly every major radio and television talk show in America, including Jerry Springer, Judge Judy, and The Howard Stern Show.

“That was the trick that changed my life. The event that earned me a million dollars… the fuss afterwards scared me right there and took me off the game… I have the most wonderful life now. I’ve got a nice new home… there’s no pool but there is a picket fence. I thank the Lord every day. I was always attracted to the glamorous life and that half an hour with Hugh Grant made me able to buy all the things I’d dreamt of having. That film Pretty Woman seemed to be what my life was about. Hugh Grant was my Richard Gere.”

The money from her numerous promo appearances helped Brown put her two oldest daughters — Cheyenne, 21, and Brianna, 20 — through college. Divine even moved out from Los Angeles to Atlanta five years ago in favor of a quieter and “more respectable” life. She goes by her birth name Stella Thompson and runs a successful music production company with her fiancé Richie Fediccinni.

“Thank God [my two adult daughters] didn’t follow in my footsteps,” she explains. “I was a rebellious girl. I just wanted to live the fast life, to feel what it was like to be older – to kick out. I did dangerous things. [The Hugh encounter] might have been the best-paying sex act in the world, but real life doesn’t usually turn out like a Pretty Woman film. He could have been a mad maniac instead of Hugh Grant. The street is no place for a lady to be. The place for a lady is caring for her family, cooking, doing the garden and watching your family grow up. Love comes from the home.”


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