How to Re-Invent Your Personal Style


If you’re like me and you get bored really easily, this is the post for you. Then again, if you’ve returned to school (or are returning to school soon) and want to re-invent yourself, this will also come in handy.

When I was younger, I constantly attempted to change my style every year. In the beginning, I had a distinct tomboy style, complete with workman boots and all. Then, things became a bit more gothic, then romantic, then athletic. Now, I’m at a point in my life where I want quality, comfort, and chicness all in one. It’s safe to say: I’ve changed a lot over the years and my closet has seen it all.

Change can be scary. Change can be difficult. After all, where do you start? Do you throw out everything you own? Do you hire a personal stylist? Also, where do you look for inspiration?

As someone who’s re-invented their personal style too many times to count, I have some advice for those of you who are feeling a bit lost. Let’s begin…

Study Different Decades

Years ago, I posted a profile picture on Facebook and the very first comment was this: “You look like you belong in the 70s!” All of the sudden, my eyes widened and my heart began to beat a bit faster. If I were a cartoon character, a lightbulb would have flashed above my head. “That’s it!” I screamed.

This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between me and the 70s. I spent hours studying 70s fashion. I Googled, I scoured Pinterest, and I even sought out magazines in vintage shops. The more I researched, the more I loved the effortlessness of this decade. Even if I didn’t connect with each and every thing I saw, I was still inspired and that, to me, was most important.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further than those that came before you. Go on an adventure in the form of time travel. Take a moment to learn about the styles from decades or even centuries ago. You may not love everything, but you might find that one look that instantly catches your eye.


Pinterest is great for many things, but along the way, I’ve found that it can be a great source for fashion finds. If you look through the “Women’s Fashion” section, you will have a visual representation of various styles. You’ll see familiar looks and some wardrobe pieces that never crossed your mind. Basically, there’s an image for everything!

You can even follow your favorite stores and find new stores that you love. Many brands post complete outfits to their boards, so this is something that you can use to your advantage. Take a cue from the stylists who work for the stores that you’re interested in.

Whenever I’m feeling uninspired, I scroll through boards on Pinterest. Even if I’m not looking for anything specific, you never know. I once came across an image that styled cargo pants in a manner I’d never thought possible. And this happened just in the nick of time! I had a pair of cargo shorts that I loved, but was about to donate because I didn’t know how to wear them!

In other words, Pinterest = a creative savior.

Seek Out a Stylish Celebrity

I’m not one for keeping up with celeb gossip, but I am one for admiring their style. It’s interesting because I never thought I’d be the type of person to gravitate toward looks that I definitely cannot afford. With that being said, I’ve realized that you don’t have to have a ton of money to dress like a celebrity. You can, instead, buy similar pieces, add a dose of confidence, and rock it just the same.

Right now, I’m in love with Zendaya’s style, mostly because she’s always changing it up. One day, she’ll go for an edgy, urban look, but on the red carpet will embrace a colorfully romantic vibe. She’s a chameleon and that’s what I love about her (especially because she reminds me that personal style isn’t set in stone).

Don’t “Dress For Your Size”

There are countless articles, advice columns, and stylists who will proclaim that one must “dress for their size.” While this advice may be great for certain people, it doesn’t work for everyone.

When it comes to your body type, you shouldn’t feel boxed in. You shouldn’t feel as though you need to hide anything. After all, we’re all beautiful in our own right. Rather than only shopping in a certain store or certain section of a store, step out of your comfort zone. Explore. Try on items that make you happy.

Most importantly, only buy clothes if they make you feel confident because confidence is the best accessory.

Ignore Trends, Or Don’t

Trends can really narrow down our selections when shopping. If you’re only shopping on trend, then you’re missing out on all the items that aren’t in vogue.

If you’re the type of person who religiously follows trends, then maybe step away from them for a bit. Buy some more wardrobe basics, buy clothes that you are going to love and wear for years to come.

On the other hand, if you don’t follow trends, then give them a try! A seasonal trend may introduce you to a style, color, or fabric that perfectly fits your personality.

Either way, trends can be really great for discovering one’s current personal style.


In the end, these are just a few tips that can help you if you’re stuck in a fashion rut. Inspiration can come in many other forms: a walk in the park, a great book, or a song that makes you feel alive. All you have to do is find what works for you.

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