How To Party: A Graphical Guide

Wondering how to party? Or what music to play at the party? Or how to decorate? Or what food and drinks to have at a party? Or how to stay safe? Well this graphic from totally has you covered:

How to Party
Image compliments of Best Colleges Online

I was recently at a social event where someone made the point that Keg parties are actually safer than bottle parties because you have to wait in line for your next drink… so you really can’t drink fast enough to get plastered. Here’s to the all mighty keg party!

Seriously though, the tips in this are excellent. And it’s hilarious at points (Decor!) It even goes over the mannerisms and behaviors that make people seem less approachable… and who wants to be non-approachable at a party!?!? And what music to avoid if you want to keep the party going strong. And if you’re going to college, where it seems most parties happen these days, they’ve go the top 5 party schools and the 5 schools to avoid.

So the next time you’re throwing a party, you may want to double check whether you’re doing it right. This graphic might go a long way towards building street cred for a long time forward.

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