How the Media Affects Kids


We’re living in an increasingly technological age. And the fact of the matter is that this technological proclivity is ubiquitous to all age groups. From our youngest children to the elderly, people are using more and more technological devices than ever before. But it’s the former, our children, that are causing a number of people to be concerned.

In order to paint some background, we now live in a world where the average child will spend roughly two and a half times longer watching television and movies than they will either reading or being read to. And this isn’t specifically older teens and those in the “tech generation.” These are our infants and toddlers. Statistically speaking, they are spending in an increasing amount of time using technology for entertainment. Indeed, a staggering percentage of day cares routinely use televisions to entertain the children.

Fortunately, not all of the technologies are expressly meant for mindless pleasure. Parents report that their children also spend around as much or more time watching or engaging in educational programs or games. The remainder of their time is spent studying or watching television and DVD’s. In theory, this should promote a larger appreciation for information and knowledge right?

Unfortunately, teachers aren’t quick to jump behind the technological bandwagon. The majority of them say that this infusion of constant technology into their lives is creating minds that are programmed for immediacy. As such, the rate of their attention span has decreased dramatically. They offer that their students’ homework is suffering, their critical thinking skills are going by the wayside, and their writing and communication skills are something left to be desired. In fact, they argue that the positive effects given to students in how they value themselves and value their education are vastly outweighed by the negatives.

Parents are also concerned with their children’s usage of technology. Yet many report that they’ll only engage their children if a problem occurs. Amongst the biggest concerns among parents in this technology driven world is their children’s privacy. Hopefully, the kids who grow up in this age will learn how to protect themselves along the way.

How Is Media Affecting Kids?
Source: Early Childhood Education Degrees

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