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How Is Josh Duggar News Affecting The Family Research Council?


Did Josh Duggar just change the FRC?
The revelations about Josh Duggar’s (alleged) molesting of five young girls have a huge effect on a (relatively) small portion of the population: the Duggars themselves, of course, and those who were most directly connected to them, both in personal life and professional life. TLC will suffer some financial loss, of course, but only a (again, relatively) small number of employees will be directly affected.

However, the indirect effects are rippling to a much wider audience. Some people who believed Michelle Duggar when she claimed that gay and transgender people were lurking in bathroom stalls, waiting to molest little girls, may be looking at those statements a little differently now. Some people who looked at the Duggars as a moral example might see things a little differently, too. The cult of Bill Gothard’s following may have been revealed just a bit to the general public.

One big question, however, is how this affects the Family Research Council — a group of which Josh Duggar was an Executive Director, a group defined as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that is among those leading the charge to prevent basic human rights for gay, lesbian, bi, and transgender Americans.

The immediate appearance is that it does not: the organization hasn’t mentioned Josh in any official statements — in fact, the last mention of his family on the FRC blog is from January 2014. The FRC blog, Facebook page, and sites all continue to trumpet ‘traditional’ marriage and decry marriage equality.

It seems, though, that Josh Duggar may have scored a small victory for marriage equality after all: according to Radar Online, a member of GLAAD says that individual members of FRC have reached out to GLAAD members to apologize for Josh’s behavior.

That’s not an apology for teenaged Josh sexually assaulting underaged girls. That’s an apology for Josh’s “mission to denounce many of GLAAD’s policies.”

Which would really basically reflect the general mission of the FRC.

What does it mean, if individual FRC members are reaching out, with or without the support of the org, to apologize to GLAAD for the behavior of one representative of the whole.

Let’s lay that out clearly: thanks to Josh Duggar’s police record being publicly released, people from the FRC are reportedly apologizing for actions of the FRC.

Maybe it’s a hint that even within some of the most conservative, anti-gay groups, attitudes are changing — at least some of them — and that Josh Duggar getting caught has been one more nudge in a new direction. At minimum, it suggests that at least some members are capable of recognizing the hypocrisy in an (accused) child molester claiming moral superiority.

Steph Bazzle
Steph Bazzle is a homeschooling mom who likes to write about justice, equality, and religious issues.

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