How Inspiring Is Hilary Duff’s Newest Bikini Pic?

Is Hilary Duff's instagram bikini shot inspiring?

Hilary Duff is only the latest celebrity to post a new bikini pic, showing off her shape, and framing it as encouragement for all women to love their bodies. Of course, it’s nice to see a trend toward being body-positive and self-accepting, but is a celebrity with a perfect body really an inspiration for the average woman?

Duff will be 28 this year, and is the mother of a three-year-old boy, Luca. Motherhood hasn’t kept her from working, though, or keeping fit. For the past several days, she’s been posting beach photos, the latest of which is a mirror bikini shot.

Hilary Duff's bikini pic

She captioned the photo with body-positive hashtags:

Hey #moms #westillgotit ?? #loveyourbod

It’s the time of year when the message to women is divided between “here’s what you must do to get a bikini body now” and “your body is fine the way it is.” It’s easy to see why Hilary is happy with her body, which she keeps in shape with regular visits to the gym and good eating habits.

Her perfect body may be hard for the average mom, or the average woman in her late twenties, to identify with, though — especially those who would struggle to find the money for gym memberships and the time to use them. (Incidentally, People identifies that bikini as a $250-300 suit from Marysia, that Hilary has previously used in a music video.)

It’s great that Hilary Duff is happy in her skin — but is this trend of celebrities with perfect bodies, often with personal trainers and dietitians, expressing love for their bodies really doing anything to help encourage the average person? Or is it just the spin that makes it socially acceptable to post sexy photos?

TELL US: Does Hilary Duff’s bikini body encourage you, or is she setting unattainable standards for the average person?

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