How Gotham’s Young Joker Prepared For The Role: “I’m Surprised My Neighbors Didn’t Call The Cops”


Gotham's young Joker -- awesome.

Cameron Monaghan, who plays the young Joker in Gotham, didn’t have too long to prepare for the role. He found out he had the part in December, for the episode that aired February 16th. How did he prepare to master the role so perfectly in such a short time? Answering that question, Monaghan says he’s surprised his practice didn’t scare the neighbors.

In a recent interview with Comic Book Resource, the actor explains that, in learning to master the laugh for Gotham’s young Joker, he spent weeks watching himself in the mirror as he mastered the facial expressions that would capture perfectly the essence of Batman’s arch-nemesis — and laughing.

I’m surprised my neighbors didn’t call the cops on me…

That’s not all he did to prepare for the role. On December 18, Monaghan learned he had the role, and he couldn’t help teasing fans by dropping hints.

Gotham's young Joker, Cameron Monaghan

By January 7th, he was on the set, with fewer than three weeks of time to cram all the Batman comics he could read into his brain, and to get the Joker’s unique laugh down to an art.

Of course, as Gotham fans know, Monaghan was perfect — his few seconds appearance in the episode’s teaser was enough to clinch that.

Aside from laughing like a crazy man for weeks on end, Monaghan told CBR that he spent every moment, even driving, practicing the young Joker’s monologue.

Fans who are hoping to see Jerome again before the season ends, though, may be out of luck: Monaghan says he was told he might be asked to return in season two or three, but that nothing is set in stone yet.

The Joker is a pretty pivotal character in Batman’s story, and the fan base loved Cameron Monaghan’s portrayal, so we’re all hoping that this ‘maybe’ becomes a sure thing in short order.

TELL US: Do you love Cameron Monaghan as Gotham‘s young Joker? What other villains are you ready to meet?

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