The 35 All-Time Hottest Women Of Wrestling

Pro Wrestling has always held a certain fascination. You know you’re looking at a carnival that’s basically a bizarre soap opera for men and adolescent boys, but in all honesty, that’s kind of the attraction. Wrestling has serious staying power too, while it has it’s up and downs it always has a core audience that is obsessed with the product. If you’re in doubt check out any random wrestler’s inevitably exhaustive Wikipedia change. The fandom easily rivals other stereotypically nerdy pastimes like Star Trek or video games, but with wrestling you’ve got the bonus of always having some great eye candy hanging around. That’s what we’re interested in today, as we count down the all time hottest women of wrestling. Check out our list and let us know what you think of our rankings in the comments!

35. Brooke Adams

Brooke is a Texas girl who made her WWE debut in 2007. She was starring within the ECW Brand with Kelly Kelly and Layla El in Extreme Expose. In November of 2007, Brooke was released from her WWE contract and has since returned to modeling.

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34. Terri Runnels

Terri got her start in “The Business” as a make-up artist for CNN’s Larry King Live and also moonlighted for Jim Crockett Promotions, later purchased by Ted Turner and renamed World Wrestling Championship. She then came onto the scene as a manager. In 2004, Terri left WWE to spend more time with her daughter. She has since spent years working with countless children’s charities.

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33. Maria Kanellis

Maria made her WWE debut in 2007. She has posed in Playboy and participated in the first ever Bra & Panties Gauntlet Match.

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32. Melina Perez

This former Miss California and Nike Model made her WWE debut in 2004. She has been one of the few WWE Divas that has expressed a large disinterest in posing for Playboy.

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31. Nidia

She may be retired from wrestling, but this Texas-born beauty gave it a good run. After starting in the WWE back in 2002, Nidia quickly made a name for herself around the ring. Her career highlight might been winning Tough Enough with Maven Huffman.

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30. Bella Twins

The Bella Twins, Brianna and Nicole, made their WWE debt in April of 2009. The two got their start in 2007 in the Florida Championship Wrestling leagues.

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29. Victoria

Victoria got her start after a chance meeting with WWE Star Chyna, who encouraged Victoria to become a wrestler. After only 4 months in a developmental league, she entered the ring as Victoria. She has held the WWE Women’s Championship twice in her career. In January of 2009 she announced her retirement from wrestling via her MySpace page. She returned to WWE for one night in April 2009, when she participated in the 25 Divas battle royal at WrestleMania XXV. She outlasted the five other former WWE divas before being eliminated by the Bella Twins.

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28. Molly Holly

Molly made her wrestling debut in 1999 as Miss Maddness, alongside Randy Savage’s valet. After some structure changes, she was released from WCW but then signed by WWF in 2000. After several years, her character, Molly Holly, shifted toward more of a villain role. Molly retired from WWE in 2005.

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27. Mickie James

Mickie made her WWE debut in October 2005, when she was placed in a storyline with Trish Stratus. Mickie’s gimmick was that of Stratus’ biggest fan turned obsessed stalker, an storyline which lasted almost a year. She won her first WWE Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 22, a title she has held a total of four times.

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26. Joy Giovanni

Joy made her debut in WWE back in 2004 when she finished 3rd in the Divas Search competition. Joy is not only a wrestler, but a glamour model and actress as well. On screen, Joy portrayed the girlfriend of wrestler Big Show, but in real life she is a married mother of 2, making her a legitimate MILF.

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