Hottest Student Bodies: The 50 Best Colleges Ranked By Looks: 20-11

20. South Florida

Hot USF Girls

Surprising fact not too many people probably realize: USF is the ninth largest school in the country, as measured by student population. Not so surprising fact: lots and lots of hot girls go to USF, drawn by the gorgeous Tampa weather.

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19. Washington

Hot Washington Cheerleader

The Huskies features lots of hot back to nature type of girls who are attending the school because of the beautiful natural setting. Mt. Ranier is visible from campus, and the school sits at the edge of the Union and Portage Bays.

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18. Alabama

Hot Alabama Girls

Getting seriously into the stereotypical southern college girl when it comes to the University of Alabama, and that’s a good thing. These girls are nearly always in tip top shape and looking their best, leading to their high ranking. They wear dresses to football games, what more can you ask for?

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17. University of Miami (FL)

Hot Miami Fans

Like UCLA, Miami’s campus is located in a place known for its beautiful women. This definitely extends to the campus as tons of hot girls are drawn to attend by the Miami sunshine.

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16. Kansas

hot Kansas cheerleaders

Jayhawk women are as passionately invested in their basketball teams as anyone else around, and while their beauty is of the salt of the earth country variety it can’t be downplayed. Kansas is unfairly maligned as flyover country, but you’re missing out on some real gems if you think that way.

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15. Clemson

Clemson Hot Girl

We’re going to establish pretty clearly in this list that southern girls are pretty hot, and Clemson girls are a great example. Kind of a middle of the pack ACC school, but they have some of the hottest women in the conference. Major bonus points for their knockout cheerleaders.

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14. Cal

Allison Stokke Cal

Cal has a long tradition of being a politically active campus, so if you’re into the save the world types you’ll probably find a girl right up your alley in Berkeley. Plus pole vaulting internet legend Allison Stokke goes there, so that’s a pretty big plus.

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13. Arkansas

Hot Arkansas Girls

Anyone who has lived in the south can tell you about southern girls, and they are still plenty hot even in states that have less than stellar reputations. Hoo pig sooey! But totally in a good way.

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12. Texas

hot Texas girls chaps

One word: chaps. They make for some of the hottest cheerleaders in the country. Like Ohio State, the University of Texas is absolutely massive, so no matter your taste in women you’ll be able to find it here.

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11. Oregon

Oregon Hot Girl

Oregon is supposedly one of the healthiest states in the country, and you can absolutely see that represented with its college women. The Ducks football jerseys take a lot of heat, but in my opinion they actually work on females. The colors especially look great on Ducks cheerleaders.

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