Hottest Student Bodies of 2010: 10-1

10. Kentucky

Last Years Rankings: 19

Kentucky is back to prominence with the return of an honest to god good basketball team. We’ve been seeing a lot more Ashley Judd lately, helping to at least partially explain UK’s bump in ranking.

9. Texas Tech

Last Years Ranking: 3

Texas Tech national prominence took a hit this year with Mike Leach’s weird dismissal, but we still love the ladies who go to school there. Texas Tech makes it’s second straight appearance in our top 10.

8. Arizona

Last Years Ranking: 8

Pretty much the only drawback to going to school in Arizona is the lack of a beach, but everything else is as perfect as can be. Insanely hot girls and hot weather year round, the perfect combo. If we were ranking states with each state’s schools added together Arizona would be right up there with California and Florida.

7. Auburn

Last Years Ranking: 7

Beautiful campus with a storied history, Auburn fall Saturdays are as nice as just about anywhere else in the country. The eyecandy is phenomenal.

6. Georgia

Last Years Ranking: 9

Athens is an all time great college town, and it’s women can be put up against anyone’s and come out looking good. People who go to college in the northeast really have no idea what they are missing when it comes to the ladies.

5. Tennessee

Last Years Ranking: 10

Tennessee makes its second straight appearance in the top 10. When you get high differences start to get smaller, and Tennessee is just your standard SEC school with great tradition and beautiful girls.

4. Ole Miss

Last Years Ranking: 1

A well deserved number 1 last year, Ole Miss Saturday at the Grove seriously have to be seen to be believed. Hotty Toddy.

3. Florida

Last Years Ranking: 2

Gator girls are legendary, and Florida is a perennial contender for the top slot on on our list.

2. Arizona State

Last Year Ranking: 4

Arizona State is another former number one, and for good reason. Girls are so hot here that a calendar showing them off is an annual best seller.

1. Florida State

Last Years Ranking: 5

Jenn Sterger finally gets her due as Florida State becomes the third school to be named PopCrunch’s hottest student body in the land. Scanning the crowd at Florida State football games is as fun an activity as you’ll find at any other school. Florida State has all the ingredients for an awesome college experience, and we have no qualms naming it our 2010 #1.

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