Hottest Student Bodies 2010: 40-31

40. San Diego State

Last Years Ranking: 40

It’s hard to think of many better places to go to school, the weather is as perfect as you can find and the women are beautiful.

39. Virginia Tech

Last Years Ranking: 32

Surprisingly hot female student body for a school known for engineering. But that just means lots of cute geeky girls for the taking, so if that’s your type definitely think about Blacksburg.

38. Iowa

The south and west coast have a reputation, but wholesome midwestern girls can be an awful lot of fun too.

Last Years Ranking: 48

37. North Carolina

Last Years Ranking: 42

A down year in basketball but at least they still have hotter girls than Duke.

36. Louisville

Last Years Ranking: 34

Kentucky overall might not be the best place in the world to live, but there are pockets that have a lot going for them, and Louisville is definitely one of those places.

35. Mississippi State

Last Years Ranking: 47

The hottest girls here go to Ole Miss, but there’s enough to go around to make Mississippi State a force as well. h

34. Kansas

Last Years Ranking: 39

Pretty rough way to exit the tournament, but Kansas still had a nice year in basketball. Kansas is kind of a rough place overall from what I hear when it comes to women, but Lawrence is not at all like like the rest of the state.

33. Washington

Last Years Ranking: 21

An idyllic place to go to school, with a stunningly beautiful campus (featuring the best view from a football stadium in the country). Mountains and water attract plenty of hot girls looking for a nice setting for school.

32. South Florida

Last Years Ranking: 31

You actually really can’t go wrong going to school anywhere in Florida. Just think about that if you’re considering Minnesota or somewhere equally goofy.

31. Clemson

Last Years Ranking: 36

Clemson gets points for great cheerleaders, plus the whole southern school thing featuring good weather and the standard lots of hot girls. There are obviously southern schools with hotter girls (or Clemson would be ranked higher) but Clemson still does quite well in that department.

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