Hottest Student Bodies 2010: 30 – 21

30. Oklahoma

Last Years Ranking: 29

The girls here love their football which is always a plus, and you also won’t freeze to death in the winter. Just stay in Norman, the rest of the state doesn’t offer much.

29. North Carolina State

Last Years Ranking: 24

We still like State over it’s Chapel Hill counterparts. Girls are a little more willing to cut loose in Raleigh.

28. Indiana

Last Years Ranking: 30

Indiana has some surprisingly hot girls, and while you’ll find quite a few at Purdue as well, IU is really where they gravitate. We think Indiana is a little underrated so we’re bumping them up a couple of notches this year.

27. Utah

Last Years Ranking: 23

All the frigid Mormon girls go to BYU, making Utah a lot more palatable as a college experience. You still do get your fair share of Mormons of course, but that’s a catch-22, as they are awfully hot generally.

26. LSU

Last Years Ranking: 14

After going on a great football run for a few years LSU has cooled off just a bit. Still has all the things we like to look for in a school though, hot weather, interesting location, great girls.

25. Miami (FL)

Last Years Ranking: 11

The U takes a tumble partially due to the addition of Florida International splitting the Miami vote. Gorgeous place to go to school, and I doubt anyone would regret four years in paradise.

24. Penn State

Last Years Ranking: 20

Penn State is the number one party school in America, probably due in large part to Happy Valley being in the middle of nowhere with nothing else to do but get blackout drunk and have sex. There are worse ways to spend four years.

23. Texas

Last Years Ranking: 17

Austin is one of the cooler cities on our list to go to school, and Texas is either first or second on the list of biggest schools in the country, depending on the year offering tons and tons of variety.

22. USC

Last Years Ranking: 12

USC takes a little tumble. Their athletics are headed south as of late and some of the mystique is going with it. Still the best cheerleaders in America however, and southern California can’t be beat as a college location.

21. Miami (OH)

Last Years Ranking: 16

We maintain that Ohio’s Miami is one of the most underrated schools in the country when it comes to hot girls. But then again lots of rich, hot blonde girls isn’t a minus in our book.

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