Hottest Student Bodies 2010: 20-11

20. Arkansas

Last Years Ranking: 18

The SEC is full of hotties, and while Arkansas is probably low school on the totem pole that’s still enough to make them one of our 20 hottest schools in America.

19. TCU

Last Years Ranking: 28

Texas is right up there with California and Texas when it comes to hot girls and hot schools, and TCU is right up there when it comes to Texas talent.

18. UCLA

Last Years Ranking: 25

Going to school with a bunch of aspiring actresses seems like a plus. LA in general is the land of the beautiful people, and here you’ve got those beautiful people when they are 18-22. Sounds good.

17. Wisconsin

Last Years Ranking: 26

Wisconsin breaks our biggest rule that cold weather schools are to be avoided by simple virtue that it’s student body is hard core when it comes to partying and making the most of it’s “education”. Wisconsin is quite underrated when it comes to women.

16. Central Florida

Last Years Ranking: 27

I think this year we’ve gotten just about every major Florida university, and this is Florida’s largest, and the third largest in the country. So it has everything we look for, perfect weather, massive student body, only really lacks in quality sports entertaiment, but I think the positives more than make up for that.

15. Baylor

Last Years Ranking: Not Ranked

Baylor makes for our highest debut in 2010. They are getting some extra national attention this year for a solid basketball season, and we have been negligent not including them in previous editions of the list.

14. Ohio State

Last Years Ranking: 22

Stands with Texas as either the biggest or second biggest school in the country, and you’re nearly guaranteed to have solid football and basketball teams to watch in your four years here. There are women of every variety with such a huge student body and spring on campus has to be seen to be believed.

13. South Carolina

Last Year Rankings: 13

More nice southern girls here, South Carolina offers a lot to the potential student. Lots of beautiful sweet southern girls and mild winters equals South Carolina holding steady at 13.

12. Alabama

Last Years Ranking: 6

We may have over ranked Alabama a bit in hindsight, but we still have them solidly in the top 15. Lots of hot girls wearing dresses to football games in the fall, something of which the rest of the country could probably stand to see a little more often.

11. UC Santa Barbara

Last Years Ranking: 15

Going to school in Santa Barbara seems like a no brainer. Model quality girls walking around and you live in one of the most beautiful places in America, how can you go wrong?

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