Hottest Student Bodies 2009: The 50 Best Colleges Ranked By Looks 10-1

10. Tennessee

2008 Ranking: 25

I think we nailed it last year with this lyric from “Rocky Top”:

Once I had a girl on Rocky Top,
Half bear the other half cat;

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9. Georgia

2008 Ranking: 9

The great thing about southern women is that they take tremendous pride in their appearance, and you won’t see that more than in Georgia. Girls wear heels and put on makeup just to make a Taco Bell run in Athens, and the world is a better place for it.

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8. Arizona

2008 Ranking: 21

Arizona gives Florida a real run for it’s money when it comes to states with the hottest overall college girls, as both Arizona and Arizona State make high appearances on our list. There’s just something about all the sunshine I guess.

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7. Auburn

2008 Ranking: 8

Auburn features lots of hot sorority girls, and a beautiful campus with tons of tradition. Like most SEC schools, autumn Saturdays are the closest thing to heaven at Auburn, with tons of hot girls appear, wearing dresses and getting busy getting plastered.

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6. Alabama

2008 Ranking: 18

We thought it was appropriate that Alabama and Auburn go back to back, what with it being one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports. The girls here are your typical Southern belles, wearing dresses to football games and doing their damndest to look as hot as possible at all times.

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5. Florida State

2008 Ranking: 3

Florida State’s athletics continued taking some hits in 2008, but the student body is as hot as ever.

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4. Arizona State

2008 Ranking: 1

Last year’s number ones relinquish the top spot this year, but that’s no knock as they are still easily a top school. As mentioned earlier, Arizona is obviously a great place to go to school for the college aged male.

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3. Texas Tech

2008 Ranking: NR

Easily the biggest omission from 2008, we are downright embarassed that we left Texas Tech off of our inaugural list. We’re making up for it this year with a #3 spot, making Texas Tech easily our highest debut entry.

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2. Florida

2008 Ranking: 4

University of Florida women have become legends in recent years. I can’t tell you how many UF hot girl galleries I’ve seen on various blogs in the past couple of years, but there are plenty out there. Gainesville has had a lot of sports success in recent years to be proud of, but they can be just as proud of all their hot female undergrads.

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1. Ole Miss

2008 Ranking: 5

I think we’ve pretty well established that the SEC is the hottest conference in the country, and I think if you asked most SEC fans which school had the hottest girls you’d probably get a lot of different answers, but I’d bet you’d hear Ole Miss more than any other school. You just have to take a trip to the Grove on any football Saturday to see that they are a much deserved number one for 2009.

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