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The Hottest Female Pop Stars of All Time



Let’s be fair about this – sex sells and it sells music as often as it sells anything else. It’s also fair to say that the hottest female pop stars are often the most successful in terms of sales, putting Susan Boyle to one side that is. So with that in mind we’ve picked our top 20 hottest female pop stars of all time:

Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt’s biggest hit was 1953’s “C’est Si Bon” so we’ll forgive you if you don’t recognize her face. Once she’d stopped cutting popular music; she went on to be Catwoman in the 60s Batman TV show. Anyone who plays Catwoman is sexy and Eartha Kitt is sexier still.


Canada’s Jewel is a vision of loveliness and she’s massively talented too. Her debut album “Pieces of Me” with its smash hit single “Foolish Games” propelled her into the public eye and she’s been releasing sassy intelligent music ever since.


Fergie’s had plenty of hits both in the Black Eyed Peas and as a solo artist. She’s been in the pop music game for nearly 30 years and has worked with will.i.am before joining the Back Eyed Peas full-time in 2003 where she became an overnight sensation. Her original band, Wild Orchid, wasn’t a huge hit but persistence has very much paid off for Fergie.

Toni Braxton

A million discos have ended with couples cuddling to Toni Braxton’s smash hit “Un-Break My Heart” and it’s probably a good job that Toni wasn’t singing it in person or every man in the room would have been looking at her and not his beau. She’s now on TV in the Braxton Family and we don’t know whether we like her more now or back when she was singing.

Alanis Morissette

You can’t really argue with a woman who sold more than 33 million copies of a single album which is what Alanis Morissette did with her “Jagged Little Pill” and the biggest single from that album was “Ironic” which was the anthem of 1996. She’s also done a bit of acting and starred in Jenji Kohan’s Weeds as well as playing, God, on the big screen in the excellent Dogma.

Miley Cyrus

It’s quite incredible how the years can transform an artist and there are few transformations as surprising as Miley Cyrus’s shift from the wholesome Hannah Montana to the sex siren of Wrecking Ball. Her biggest hit was “Party in the USA” in 2009 and nowadays she can be seen with Liam Hemsworth.

Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie’s from down under and there’s no doubt that if she’d go under the down with us – we’d be in heaven. She starred in the mega-hit Australian soap – Neighbours – before striking out on her own as a singer and her smash hit “Torn” led to three Grammy award nominations in 1999.

Marrianne Faithfull

Marrianne was once the most famous woman on the music scene but not for her music but rather her on and off romance with Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones. Then she hit the charts with her 1976 album Broken English and suddenly she was as famous for her music as for her sex life. It would be impossible to have a hottest women in music list without her.

Shirley Manson

Garbage’s Shirley Manson is the flame haired belle of Scotland. Her career got a kick start when the band saw her singing on MTV and asked her to come along and record some vocals for their new album. And aren’t we glad that they did?

Grace Slick

Grace Slick was a serious pop smash in her roles in Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship and Starship. She was also in The Great Society before that. Her biggest hit came in the shape of 1967’s “Somebody to Love” when she was at her most smoking hot.

Jessica Simpson

Immortalized by her role as Daisy Duke in the film re-make of Dukes of Hazzard it’s easy to forget that Jessica Simpson has sold over 30 million albums too. “I wanna love you forever” was her greatest hit but there are plenty of others to choose from.

Katy Perry

Another amazing transformation for a woman who was once banned from listening to pop music at all by her overly religious parents. Today the singer of “I kissed a girl” is without a doubt a sex bomb with an avid following.

Shania Twain

An entry from a country music star in the form of Shania Twain; who is seriously talented with 5 Grammys to her name so far. Shania’s “You’re still the one” rocked the world in the late 90s and she’s now sold nearly 100 million albums worldwide.

Vanessa Williams

The first African-American to win Miss America it would be hard to deny just how attractive Vanessa Williams was in her hey-day. She also hit the number one slot in the charts with “Save the Best for Last” and that’s enough to justify her entry on the hottest female pop stars of all time.

Olivia Newton John

Four grammys and five number ones make Olivia Newton John a smash hit in every possible way. She’s best known for her role in Grease where she played the naïve Sandy. Today, she’s a well-respected and well-liked lobbyist for environmental and rights issues.

Jane Birkin

Jane qualifies for this list twice; firstly by being smoking hot and secondly by singing one of the most sexually explicit songs of the 1960s “Je t’aime… moi non plus” which was banned around the world and yet it still sold a ton of copies.


Kylie Minogue

Australia’s second entry in our chart also starred in Neighbours and it’s fair to say that Kylie’s pop career has been even bigger than her screen career. With multiple hit albums and the smash hit – “Can’t get you out of my head” propelling her towards the top of our list.

Gwen Stefani

The lead singer of No Doubt and also as a solo artist – Gwen’s instantly identifiable as the poster girl of many a 1990’s teenage boy’s bedroom. She’s won a ton of awards and even now, in her 40s, she’s still making great music.


The Colombian singer is without a doubt one of the hottest properties in the pop world and has sold a gazillion albums and singles. She’s also a seriously intelligent woman who speaks seven languages. Smoking.


It would be impossible for it to be anyone else at the top of the hottest female pop stars of all time. Beyonce is Mrs. Jay-Z and has sold tens of millions of records worldwide. Her pre-solo career with Destiny’s Child also produced a ton of hits.

Melissa Stenson
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