Too Hot for YouTube: Professional Hurler Vomits on Lady Gaga


YouTube is home to some of the most disturbing video imagery on the Net — “Scarlett Takes a Tumble,” “The Breakfast Song” and Rebecca Black’s horridly hilarious tune “Friday all spring to mind. But footage of Lady Gaga on the receiving end of a “Roman Shower” proved too much even for the video sharing hub.

A woman walked onstage and vomited all over Mother Monster during her Thursday evening performance of “Swine” at Austin’s South by Southwest Festival.

All together now: “Eek!”

The #BoldStage concert was a celebration of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation. Attendees could only gain entry by performing a Doritos Bold Mission. Some of missions included jumping from a 30-foot high platform to grab a ticket to the show and competing in a roller derby wearing a sumo wrestler suit.

Somehow we doubt spewing bodily fluids was what Doritos had in mind.

In all fairness, the woman was a professional puker. In fact, she was hired to guzzle down a green foam and then forcibly upchuck on Gaga.

Kinda gives new meaning to the expression “Do What U Want to My Body,” eh?

The bizarre show also included roasting Mother Monster on a BBQ spit, a woman provocatively eating sausages and Gaga riding a mechanical pig while playing the keyboard.


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