Horror Movie For Kids? Watch The Teletubbies In Black And White


Black and White Teletubbies

The Teletubbies are creepy, they always have been, and they always will be. Now they are paramountly more creepy thanks to YouTube Christopher Brown. He took the children’s show and turned it into a creepy black and white film that looks like a horror flick.

The British TV show debuted for pre-schoolers in 1997 and ran through 2001, creeping out parents and providing joy to millions of children. The show comprised of 4 alien-like characters who features their own colors and catchphrases.

You may recall that the purple Teletubbie, named ‘Tinky Winky’ drew a bunch of controversy for wearing a purple handbag with a triangular antenna. It was believed that Tinky Winky was a homosexual Teletubbie.

Watching the strange creatures talk in their non-verbal dialogue, while walking around their creepy fake world, is incredibly unsettling in black and white. Throw in Joy Division’s song ‘Atmosphere’ and you are left with a creepy horror movie for kids.

There is no killing in the clip, obviously, but I almost wish there way, because all four of those damn alien creatures need to be ended once and for all.

TELL US: Does this black and white Teletubbies clip freak you out?

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