Homeless Man Shot To Death By LAPD

What can only be described as disturbing, several Los Angeles police officers attacked and fatally shot a homeless man during a struggle Sunday. Outraged eyewitnesses caught the encounter on tape.

The man, who witnesses referred to as “Africa,” was pronounced dead at the scene- according to the Los Angeles Times. The altercation took place around noon in LA’s skid row area, which a witness captured on video and then uploaded it to Facebook.

Sgt. Barry Montgomery, who is a LAPD spokesman said: “The officers  had responded  to a 911 call about a possible robbery on the 500 block of San Pedro Street.”

The video captures  a confrontation  between police and “Africa”, where is appears  the homeless man throws a punch at police as the officers as they are trying to contain him. During the struggle one of the officers drops his nightstick, which a woman picks up. Two officers push her to the ground in order to restrain her. At the same time, several officers  continue to fight the man to the ground. An officer can be heard shouting, “Drop the gun,” right before  five gunshots can be heard.

Yolanda Young, who was an eyewitness told CBS2  that the Incident took place over an argument in a tent.

“Next thing I know, dude swung on a cop and the cop swung back. And they were hitting on him and then two other cop cars pulled up and they got out of the car and ran over there, and they had three Tasers out,” Yolanda  said.


Neighbor Ina Murphy told the LA times that Africa had previously spent 10 years at a mental facility before coming to Skid Row about five months ago. According to another resident of skid row, that police asked Africa several times to take his tent down, to comply with the court ruling that allows people at night to sleep on Skid Row as long as they take down their tents during the day.

Cmdr. Andrew Smith told the LA Times that two of the Officers involved in the struggle where treated for injuries and at least one officer was wearing a body camera.

“There will be an investigation to determine if the use of force was properly deployed.”


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