HMS Bounty crew members dies; Captain remains missing in Atlantic

The HMS Bounty, seen by millions in The Pirates of the Caribbean, was forced into a US Coast Guard rescue operation yesterday.

The Bounty, which left Connecticut on Thursday with a crew of 11 men and five women, ranging in age from 20 to 66, fought Sandy’s storm surge for two days but yesterday, was unable to maintain safety and called in the distress call. “I think we are going to be into this for several days,” Robin Walbridge said in a message posted on Sunday on the vessel’s Facebook site, which reads like a ship’s log of its activities. “We are just going to keep trying to go fast.”

Yesterday, the HMS posted the following message on their Facebook page:

Thank you to everyone for your support and prayers at this devastating time. We want to thank the USCG for their bravery and risking their lives to save ours. At this time, 14 crew members have been safely returned to land. There were 16 brave crew members aboard the Bounty. With sadness in our hearts we are reporting that we have lost one crew member and still missing another. The USCG is continuing their effort to search for our last crew member. Please continue to send your love and support to us, it is much needed.

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