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His Car Crashes Into The River. Who Saves Him Will Blow Your Mind.


Jamie Stokes was driving when the car in front of her swerved off the road and crashed facedown into a river. That’s when she sprung into action to save the driver’s life. Oh, and another thing: Jamie is seven months pregnant. And it just so happens that not only is she pregnant and has four kids at home, but she also volunteers on the ambulance in her Utah community.

With no time to spare, Jamie took off running toward the woman’s screams. As she got closer to the icy river, her emergency training skills kicked into high gear. She noticed the driver strapped upside down in her seatbelt, and she was holding her own head above water to stay alive. “She’s holding her head up, and I know the second she goes unconscious she won’t be doing that,” Jamie said. “I tried to get the doors open.”

There was no reception around, so Jamie couldn’t call for help. Instead, she was able to flag down emergency personnel who just so happened to be coming from another accident. Rescue crews were able to cut the driver out of the car and bring her to safety. It was Jamie’s quick thinking that made all the difference.

One thing’s for sure… Jamie’s baby will grow up with an awesome hero for a mom!

Source: Little Things

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