Hillary Clinton Speaks At Length About her Platform on ‘Colbert’ [WATCH]

Last night on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Hillary Clinton got frank about her motivation to run for president, and she sounded off on some of the finer points of her campaign platform. The result was an honest dialogue between candidate and host that even sounded spontaneous.

The interview was both light-hearted and informative. Stephen first asked her if it was “fun to run for president,” remarking that she seems like she’s having a good time campaigning lately. “Some days,” Clinton clarified. “Some days it really is fun.”

Colbert interrupted her, half-jocularly asking her, “Why do you do this?” amid soft chuckles from the crowd. But he also asked her specific questions about what she would do to help the middle class in America, if she were elected president.

Clinton used the opportunity to speak at length about her campaign platform, lambasting the economic policies of Republicans, asserting her status as a champion of the middle class, and defending the Obama administration’s policies and politics. She also placed much emphasis on the rights of women, the LGBT community, and immigrants.

However, her interview wasn’t devoid of media criticism. Some have noted that her “amnesia comment” (“[Republicans] act like we all have amnesia”) was stolen from Bernie Sanders. Others found issue with the fact that again, her most serious opponent Bernie Sanders had a much more difficult time on the same show as she did.

It’s easy to see why. After Clinton spoke about politics for a couple minutes, Colbert happily joked, “That’s a cheap trick saying things people like.” That’s what politicians running for office are wont to do, and Hillary Clinton knows that better than anyone.

She also spoke at length about her plan for big banks, and the policies under her plan:

“They have to know, their shareholders have to know that yes, they will fail. And if they’re too big to fail then under my plan, and others that have been proposed, they may have to be broken up, because if you can’t manage it, it’s more likely to fail.”

Mid-interview, Clinton asserted that she’s going to build a legacy based on her own merit alone. “I’m not running for my husband’s third term, I’m not running for Obama’s third term. I’m running for my first term, and I’m going to do what works.”

Hillary Clinton definitely looked like she was having fun last night.

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