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Hilary Duff’s Files for Divorce From Mike Comrie after Drunken Night


It would appear that Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie might be through for good this time. Due to Mike’s drunken behavior the other night at a famous LA restaurant. Mike was not just out for a night of drinking; he was also looking to hook up and paid for sex which was defiantly an option. Actress and singer Hilary Duff and former ice hockey pro Mike Comrie announced their break up a year ago after only four years of marriage, despite the two remaining incredibly close. Last September Duff insisted, “We’re uncoupled for now, if there wasn’t a chance of getting back [together], we would have filed for divorce”.

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However, eyewitnesses at Mastro’s a Beverly Hills steakhouse, told Daily Mail Online , “that the retired hockey player spent most of the evening of January 30th, drinking, alienating his friends and propositioning bar patrons and staff for sex”. Mike and a buddy arrived at the steakhouse around 9 pm. “Mike was clearly already tipsy when he arrived. He was already slurring his speech a bit and walking funny and it was only 9 pm,” said a witness.

An observer say, the hockey player was drinking cocktails along with shots of ‘1942’ throughout the evening, “I work there and I have to say he’s a really nice guy, actually. He tips well and is super polite and kind. He was just drunk. But then things got worse. I watched him as he blatantly and repeatedly hit on his waitress. I’m sure she was extremely embarrassed because other customers and staff saw this. She handled it well, remaining kind and professional.”

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“Mike just wouldn’t let up with the flirting. It became a bit creepy. Even his buddy tried to dial him back a bit.” But there was no slowing him down, he was on a mission. “Mike wanted to wait for her until her shift was over and take her out”’ one eyewitness said.  “She told him nicely that she was not available, that she was in a relationship, but that didn’t faze him. He kept insisting, shouting loudly, that he wanted to wait until she got off work.”

When waitress continued to decline his advances, witnesses said, “He asked the  woman, ‘Ok. How much? How much do you want? I have as much as you need. How much for sex? Name your price. How much do you want to have sex with me?” When a man intervened on the waitresses’ behalf, suggesting that Mike had overstepped and should back away, Mike became ‘aggressive, Mike got in the guy’s face and said, “Come on. You and me. Let’s step outside.” Security eventually stepped in and put Mike in a taxi, sending him home.


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