‘Heroes Reborn’ Releases First Full Trailer, Reveals More Casting, Plot Details [Watch]


Heroes Reborn is guaranteed to bring back certain audiences that are excited to see their favorite heroes return to the small screen, but will it have enough to draw new fans as well?

The new series will be a reboot of the original and take place after the events of Heroes, bringing in a primarily new cast, while still retaining some key cast members such as Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka).

The “heroes” were forced to go into hiding after each of them were blamed for a terrorist attack that took place in Texas at the end of the series and throughout the trailer, we see graffiti signs that say “Where are the heroes?”

Heroes Reborn will bring some closure for fans of the series that felt the original series ended too soon, although, on the other hand, some fans thought the series got too contrived throughout and simply gave up on it.

The initial teaser was released during the Super Bowl giving fans roughly no information about the series.

The idea of the reboot of an older series is certainly not unique to Heroes, of course, with reboots set up for popular shows such as The X-Files and Twin Peaks as well, as some people are not able to let go of the past that featured such great television.

While the comic book superheroes tend to rely on one or two superheroes with a special origin story, the Heroes franchise works incredibly well with an ensemble cast that find each other over time and learn to control their abilities together.

As the trailer opens, we hear a teacher saying “It doesn’t matter how ordinary you think you are. We all have the potential to be heroes,” in an important message that could also be taken as a metaphor for those who want to help the world.

Heroes Reborn will premiere on NBC on September 24th. Tim Kring, the creator of the original series, will be back with new stars such as Zachary Levi and Robbie Kay.

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