‘Heroes Reborn’ Casts Robbie Kay In An Unknown Role


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Heroes Reborn is the upcoming event series that should have every fan of NBC’s Heroes going crazy in excitement for. The series is set to debut this summer, and continues to add to its cast with Robbie Kay.

The role is not known yet, but what fans of the original series can confirm is that his role will be a completely new one to the series, and he will not be coming in to replace anyone from NBC’s original show.

NBC’s Heroes originally aired from 2006 until 2010, and it was a science fiction show about people with special abilities such as invincibility, flying, and more. They are all common people at the show’s start, and their lives begin to intersect in order to save the world from different dangers.

Robbie Kay is probably not known to most people by name yet, but fans of the ABC fairy tale drama Once Upon A Time are sure to recognize his face as the villainous Pan who appeared in season 3.  In addition, the 20 year old British actor can be seen in Made In Dagenham, Ways To Live Forever, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and the upcoming film Cold Moon.

The Heroes Reborn event series will feature 13 episodes, and is to be done in a similar way to the way in which Fox revived its popular action series 24. Prior to casting young Robbie Kay, the show had announced the return of Jack Coleman, who played Noah Bennett, and the newly added Zachary Levi, made famous for his role on Chuck.

As with the original series, Heroes Reborn is presented by creator Tim Kring, who will be the executive producer as well, along with James Middleton and Peter Elkoff. The first episode will be directed by Matt Shalman.

The plot of the upcoming series is still unknown, and although Zachary Quinto has stated that he will not return, could more of the cast end up returning to the new series?

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