Here are the risks for NFL players on and off the field

NFL biz on and off the field

If you’ve ever watched a football game, you know those players really take a beating. It comes as no surprise that they are at greater risk of sustaining a serious injury than the average Joe.

A whopping 65% of NFL players have suffered a major injury that has either required major surgery or kept them out of the game for a significant recovery period, but thankfully there are ways to mitigate the risk associated with playing professional football.

Safety equipment is crucial to preventing serious long term injuries. A quarter of NFL players will require joint replacements in their lifetimes, and many joint and bone injuries can be prevented by using proper padding. Over half of football injuries are to the lower extremities, and they account for the biggest number of missed games in football.

The biggest concern for NFL players right now is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a malady that comes from repeated head trauma.

CTE has been in the news a lot lately as many former football players have been diagnosed. Frank Gifford’s autopsy showed his declining health leading up to his death was caused by CTE. It causes increased aggression, memory loss, impaired judgement, and progressive dementia.

It’s crucial to diagnose concussions and treat players accordingly, giving them plenty of time to rest and recuperate. It’s also important to protect the brain with a properly designed and fitting helmet with face mask- prevention is always better than treatment.

Learn more about the hazards of playing professional football from this infographic.

Risks of professional football

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