Heidi & Spencer Shopping Cheating Story To Tabs For $100K

Speidi’s getting desperate. To the surprise of absolutely no one, “Splitsville” spouses Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have manufactured an affair story that they are trying to sell to the media. The cash-strapped couple — who reportedly blew their fortune on plastic surgery, crystals, and Heidi’s flopped career in pop — allegedly decided to start a rumor that Montag was having an affair with Pratt’s close friend, Cougar Zank, in hopes of selling details of the alleged relationship for $100,000.

“Heidi and Spencer are trying to play out a fake reality show in the press and get paid along the way,” an insider tells The New York Post’s Page Six. “They’ve been approaching magazines and Web sites to buy the fake story of Zank having an affair with Heidi. They’ve been asking for $100,000. But no one is interested as they don’t sell magazines.”

Montag and Pratt separated earlier this month after one year of marriage. Heidi reportedly suspected Spencer of cheating and has hired a private investigator to look into her suspicions.

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