Heidi Fleiss Pet Spa Opening August 2010

Who says Celebrity Rehab alums don’t make the most of their sobriety?

Just look at former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss.

The 44-year-old spitfire hung up her garter belt and G-string as a Lady of the Night more than a decade ago and today is hoping to transform her love of our fine furry and feathered friends into a high-end Las Vegas pet salon called First Pedigree.

Of course the odds are against her. Fleiss — who spent 20 months in federal prison on the heels of a high-profile sex scandal that rocked California in the mid-’90s — has a string of failed business ventures to her credit. Among them, a sex toy shop, and laundromat, a Sin City pet grooming shop, and Heidi Fleiss’ Stud Farm — once touted as a bordello catering exclusively to females.

Nevertheless, Heidi says her puppy palace will be “a lot easier to run than a brothel for women.”

Heidi’s new pet spa will feature a “24-hour vet service, 24-hour grooming service and individual canine ‘suites’ equipped with television and air-conditioning,” an excited Fleiss told The National Enquirer last week.

“It’s going to be beautiful!”

First Pedigree opens next month.

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