Heather Mills $48 Million Divorce Payout Nearly Gone

Heather Mills has spent nearly half of the $48 million divorce payout she received from Sir Paul McCartney last March.

“Heather has been moaning her money isn’t going as far as she thought, but she’s just burning her way through it. She reckons she has spent $10 million since the divorce and still doesn’t have a finished house to live in,” a snitch claims.

The outspoken animal rights activist, 40, is rumored to be so worried about her finances that she has asked her Beatle-singing ex to purchase an $8 million East Sussex, England home for her because she cannot afford to renovate it.

Heather has spent $2 million renovating her luxury English estate and in July she bought a $5 million New York apartment. The former model has spent $12 million on other real estate properties and an additional $1 million on staff wages.

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