Heather Locklear Demanded $100,000 Per Episode For New “Melrose Place”


Heather Locklear prized herself right out of a role on The CW’s revival of Melrose Place.

Despite recent whispers that the 47-year-old actress turned down an opportunity to reprise her role as sinister vixen Amanda Woodward on the original ’90s soap due to scheduling conflicts, National Enquirer informants claim any potential deal went dead after Heather a salary of $100,000 episode.

No can do, said producers.
“In these tough economic times, the network could not–or would not–pay Heather the kind of money she thought she deserved,” says a TV industry tattle, who adds that the star was up for a recurring role on the show. “She was mainly going to be used to lure old fans to the new show, but Heather was looking for a meatier role and much more money.”

“She wanted at least a $100,000 an episode….The CW would only pay half of that….or less,” the insider reveals.

The new Melrose Place debuts on The CW Network this fall.

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