Heath Ledger Depression Worried Jake Gyllenhaal Michelle Williams

Heath Ledger had been battling a vicious bout of depression before his mysterious death from an apparent overdose on Tuesday. “He adored his daughter Matilda, and when Michelle called it quits, he missed Matilda so much that he was thrown into a deep dark depression.”

The Daily Mail reports:

“Heath was shattered by his split from Michelle,” the source told Mail Online, adding: “He became a recluse. He barely slept he was dealing with terrible mood swings.”

“Heath totally wanted to be on his own these past few months since he and Michelle split in September. She was very much in love with him, but the fact he continued to dabble in drugs kept their relationship from being one she could rely on.”

“Heath was living in New York to be close to his daughter. But he hardly ever ventured out anymore.”

“His close friend and Brokeback co-star, Jake Gyllenhaal has been worried about him for months. And he knew Heath was sinking further into a depression. Jake is Matilda’s godfather, and he and Heath had become really close since they did the film Brokeback together.”

“Jake wanted Heath to get help, but he refused, and now it looks as though he may have died of a drug overdose.”

“Michelle will be devastated by the news, because she always hoped he would get help and they could manage to work out their relationship for the sake of their daughter.”

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