Hayley Williams Nude Photos

Hayley Williams naked picture Twitter mistake

Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore, is in hot water tonight after posting nude photos to her Twitter account. Williams quickly took down the naked pics, but not before they were already widely circulating online (of course).

Williams is just the latest in a long line of young stars to not seem to realize just how permanent these kinds of goofs are, and while we expect her lawyers to quickly clamp down as much as possible I’m guessing the photos will be available with a simple Google Images search … well, forever.

Hayley Williams formed Paramore back in 2004, and they have steadily gained in popularity since, albeit without rising to the level of mega successful as of yet. It wouldn’t shock me if these naked pics weren’t a coordinated leak designed to attract attention to the group, which is steadily touring this year.

I think my favorite part of Twitter might be the mistakes celebrities continually seem to make with the service, never quite realizing just how public the service is and just how many people are watching. It’s a lesson I’m sure Hayley Williams has learned after this nude photo leak, but a little too late to do her any good.

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