“Hawaii Five-O” Remake: “Hawaii Five-O 2.0″

Get ready to start hearing a lot more of this: “Book’em Danno! Murder One!” CBS is producing a new version of its classic crime drama Hawaii Five-O, the network announced on Tuesday.

Keeping in the line with the iconic original series, which ran on CBS from 1968-1980, Hawaii Five-0 2.0 will feature the interworkings of a fictional Hawaiian state police department. The homicide unit once headed by Detective Steve McGarrett, played by Jack Lord will be lead by McGarrett’s son, Chris, in the new series.

We will try to keep as much of the original show as possible. I’m not trying to reinvent it,” says Criminal Minds executive producer Ed Bernero, who is spearheading the new Hawaii Five-O.

Are you looking forward to Hawaii Five-O 2.0? Do we really need another Hawaii Five-O?