Has Natalie Holloway’s Body Finally Been Found?

A baffling missing person case that has haunted and intrigued people around the world for years may soon be solved, but sadly, there may never be justice.

Alabama teen Natalie Holloway disappeared nearly five years ago in Aruba. The 18-year-old was on a graduation trip and was last seen leaving Carlos’n Charlie’s night club on May 30, 2005 with three young men she had met and partied with that night.

One of the men, Joran van der Sloot, is the main suspect in Natalie’s disappearance. For most of the last five years, van der Sloot’s father, who was a judge in Aruba, used his clout to protect him from prosecution. Joran’s dad not only protected him in this case — even after a recorded confession — but also prevented authorities from prosecuting him for allegedly running a sex slave market. In that case, Joran was also caught on hidden camera, making arrangements to transport young Thai girls out of the country to work as indentured prostitutes. What a guy.

However, Joran’s daddy died on February 11, 2010 and almost before his body was cold Joran began to talk — a lot — about Natalie’s death and what he did with her body.

While not the first time he’s confessed to disposing of Natalie’s body, during his confession on February 26, 2010, he knew he was being recorded by Dutch television station RTL-5, so he turned on the tears. In his most recent version of the story, Joran says Natalie fell off a balcony after doing cocaine and died from the accident, so he and an accomplice dumped her body in a swamp.

In 2008, he told interviewer Peter De Vries, who posed as a friend to get the scoop (and won an international Emmy for his sex traffiking footage of Joran), that she had died on the beach after having sex with him. He casually explained that he then beat her body to try to revive her, and when that didn’t work he gave up on the “bitch” and called a friend with a boat for help with getting rid of her corpse. This candid taped confession was rejected as evidence and prosecutors believe his most recent confession is pure fiction as well.

The world may never know what happened to Natalie, but new news reports indicate that her skeletal remains may have been found. Still, it seems unlikely that Dutch authorities will ever pursue a case against Joran van der Sloot.

A Pennsylvania couple recently came forward with a photograph they believe could be Natalie’s remains. The underwater picture was taken by Patti Muldowney in October 2009 while she and her husband were vacationing in Aruba. The Muldowneys say they did not notice a body at the time, but upon reviewing their pictures they noticed what may be Natalie. They sent the picture to the FBI and it has been forwarded to Dutch authorities. However, the FBI will not become involved in the investigation unless they are requested to do so.

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