Harrison Barnes Fails On Defense Twice, Sinks Game-Winning Shot [Watch]

HarrisonBarnes is by no means the star on the Golden State Warriors, but he has been known to sink a 3 pointer or make an important shot when he is needed to.

Last night’s game between the Suns may not have provided the most excitement for the majority of the game, but the last minute was incredibly exciting for Warriors fans especially, allowing them to win as the clock expired.

The Warriors were hosting the Phoenix Suns in an important game for the Suns as they attempt to climb into the race for the playoffs. However, after last night’s game, they are still in 10th place, and it’s not looking good.

Harrison Barnes was able to give himself a bit of redemption after allowing two baskets to go in within the final minute when he made the final shot with less than a second left on the clock.


The first occurred with a little less than 30 seconds to go when PJ got an easy layup when he played poor defense in the paint. The teams were tied before his defensive blunders began, and upon scoring the first, the Warriors were down 104-102.

After that, he allowed Eric Bledsoe to get a reverse layup to put the Suns up 106-105 with only five seconds to go.The Suns set up a crafty play with Bledsoe and Markieff Morris, but Barnes should have been there in order to help Klay Thompson who was struggling to keep up with the play.


Following the win over the Suns, the Warriors are now on an 11-game winning streak. They have been in control of the Western Conference throughout the season and behind the MVP-worthy point guard play of Stephen Curry, they might just have what it takes to win an NBA championship this year.

Harrison Barnes could only laugh off the situation a bit after that final minute and there is plenty of laughter to go around for a team that is 62-13 on the season.

Tell US: Did Harrison Barnes’ defensive mistakes just heat up the tension for that final shot? Can the Warriors win the championship this year?

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