“Hannah Montana” Cancelled: Disney Cancels “Hannah Montana” Rumors

Is Disney giving Hannah Montana the old heave ho? In a recent interview, Miley Cyrus is rumored to have announced Hannah Montana removal from the Disney Channel schedule this Spring.

Miley is rumored to have said: “The past 3 series have been great. My dad and I have been a good team and became closer. I was recently talking with the crew and they said that Hannah Montana is going off air this Spring. They believe they should make room for new shows and give people a new career with Disney. I am very upset and bewildered by this. I wish everyone luck in the cast. It has been a once in a lifetime ride through the show.”

Disney spokesperson Janey Moore supposedly confirmed news of the cancellation by saying: “I am very happy that people will start a new life with Disney. Hannah Montana is unfortunately getting axed. The cast are very upset by this.”
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