Hank Baskett Kendra Wilkinson Post-Nup

Former Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson hasn’t lived as husband and wife with beau Hank Baskett in months. Now the nasally blonde is pulling out all the stops to protect the small fortune she amassed when a seven year old sex tape Kendra recorded with an ex when she was just 18 was sold to Vivid Entertainment earlier this year.

Wilkinson wants a post-nuptial agreement, friends of the troubled couple dish on the pages of the Jan. 3 issue of In Touch Weekly.

Thanks to the leaked sex tape, the popularity of her E! reality docu-soap, Kendra, and a host of endorsement deals, Kendra now earns substantially more cash than hubby Hank, who has been traded from NFL team to NFL team no fewer than three times since the couple tied the knot in June 2009.

“Kendra is making a lot of money these days, but Hank’s not earning as much as he did when they got married. She’s just looking out for her own interests,” a pal explains of Kendra’s decision to ask Hank to sign a post-nup, essentially barring the 28-year-old proballer access to Kendra’s assets in the event of a divorce.

These days, Hank’s playing for the Minnesota Vikings, where locals like the friendly former Philadelphia Eagles starter.

“Her, not so much,” says a Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist, who claims she was verbally-assaulted by Wilkinson outside a local barber shop last week.

“She cursed me out in front of the baby…Then she [Kendra] flipped me the bird!.”

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