‘Handmade at Amazon’ Is the Retail Giant’s Response to Etsy

Yet another reason to shop Amazon for literally everything you need: the company has just announced the launch of their ‘Handmade at Amazon’ section, an Amazon category that features artisans creating factory-free, handcrafted items the likes of which you’ve been buying on Etsy for years.

There goes your paycheck.

Amazon is obviously looking to establish their service as the one-stop shopping location for everything from books and clothes, to groceries and toiletries, and they’re not stopping there. With ‘Handmade,’ they’re tapping into a niche market previously almost solely dominated by Etsy.com.

The new section may even prove to be more popular than Etsy, because artisans may choose to have their shop and wares features on Amazon for more exposure, rather than on the saturated Etsy.com. Amazon also has higher standards for featuring artisans and products, having handpicked each shop instead of like Etsy, where virtually anyone can sign up to create a shop. This characteristic promises consumers a better product than they’d find on the competitor’s site.

On Handmade, each artisan/shop will have a Seller page with a huge image header, a blurb about the shop/artisans, and links to some of their product pages.

Another interesting feature of the new Handmade will be their filter function. Not only can you shop artisans from around the world, but you can now filter your search to include only local artisans, for example. If you want something specifically from your hometown, or from a small shop in Italy, you can tailor your search to include those filters.

Currently, about 5,000 sellers are included, and over 80,000 items. 60 countries are represented, and these numbers will probably rise exponentially as this project gains a foothold.



The categories within the Handmade section include Jewelry, Home Decor, Artwork, Stationery & Party Supplies, Kitchen & Dining, Furniture, and Bedding. And yes, you can search within those subcategories exclusively.

Eve and Kristen of the shop Bright Beam Goods said, “[We] think that Handmade at Amazon is a really great platform to put our products in front of a big audience, a big diverse audience.”

Carlee from AmazziRoots has similar sentiments:

“Handmade at Amazon will change the customer shopping experience because Amazon has made the artisan profile personal, and customers like personal. Feeling like they know who made the item, the process behind how each piece is made, and how much time and effort went into every item will bring customers back to shop for even more Handmade items!”

There’s something easy and familiar about buying from Amazon that may leach some business from Etsy, and definitely entice artisans and small shops away from the smaller service.

Handmade will deliver the same handcrafted, factory-free items that Etsy does, but in a format that has become familiar to Amazon’s huge audience and userbase. New Etsy users sometimes find the format baffling, with each “shop” providing its own timelines for shipping and shipping fees, and the checkout process sometimes only taking PayPal, sometimes not. These variables are likely to be eliminated or made easier with the Amazon process, similar to buying from a third-party seller, except for one thing: That’s right—Amazon Prime.

Many new items in Handmade will be made eligible for Amazon Prime, which means FREE Two-Day shipping for your handmade, raw diamond rings, rustic wine rack, and Holly Golightly pop art print. Just take all our money, Amazon.

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