Hailey Glassman Disses Jon Gosselin’s Manhood With “Steppin’ Out”

Another irrelevant celeb is sprouting off at the mouth in a new magazine interview. The Ghost of Relationships Past is coming back to bite Jon Gosselin in the butt. Ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman, 23, slams Gosselin and his private parts in a sex-charged chat with the new issue of Steppin’ Out Magazine.

“He was so small I didn’t think he would cheat on me,” the 23-year-old chuckles. “He’s hung like a nine-year-old boy. I’m serious. This is true.”

Glassman began dating the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star in June shortly after his wife Kate Gosselin filed for divorce. They later split and Jon accused Hailey of trashing the Manhattan penthouse the former couple once shared.

Apparently, Glassman isn’t over almost being tossed in jail because of her ex. She claims the father of eight measured in “3 inches” — a fact that provided lots of laughs for Hailey and her mom.

“It’s very noticeable. It’s so tiny, tiny, tiny,” she says.

Glassman even claims Gosselin admitted to being self-conscious about his size: “I would tell him to his face, ‘I don’t think you would cheat on me because you’re so small.’ I would tell him that all the time,” she adds.

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