Hailey Glassman A Favorite For “Jewish American Princesses” Reality Show

Move over Snooki, there’s a new ethnic-themed reality docu-trainwreck being shopped to the networks and Jon Gosselin’s former flame is a frontrunner to join the cast.

Hailey Glassman — who briefly dated the cash-strapped Octodad during his divorce from ex-wife Kate — is campaigning for a role on Jewish American Princesses (JAP), a proposed series described as a little Jersey Shore with a dash of The Real Housewives of New York City.

“I think Hailey is an interesting character and would be great for reality TV,” says producer Jenn Hoffman, who will be producing the series.

Clad in Ugg boots and armed with a Louis Vuitton bag in one hand and a cocktail in the other, Glassman will be the first to admit that she’s a proud, card-carrying “JAP.”

“I definitely think I should be the first to be cast. I’m being brutally honest. I have a huge following. The media always makes fun of the things I say and the way I talk. I’d be great for the show. I actually had the same idea three months ago only I wanted to call it ‘JAPS In the Hamptons,” the spoiled 23-year-old explains. “We JAPS have what I like to call entitlement syndrome,” she says. “I only wear designer brands, I don’t eat meat off the bone, I drink Fiji water or Pellegrino. I would rather die of dehydration than drink tap water. My signature outfit is black spandex, Uggs and white v-neck t-shirts. It’s a different mentality.”

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